Schuco Sliding Doors

If you are in the market for a new sliding door, the Schuco contemporary sliding door is one of the best doors you can buy. The quality and engineering behind a Schuco sliding doors provide a door that can do more than other sliding doors.

Contemporary Sliding Doors from The London Glazing Group

We expertly manufacture the Schuco ASS70 sliding door in our factory, made to order for you. Built into our sliding doors is sophisticated hardware, superior weather sealing and quality insulated aluminium extrusions.

Schuco sliding doors are one of the thinnest doors on the market, maximising light and a feeling of space. A Schuco sliding door can also be made at up to 9 square metres per panel, giving you the option of creating sliding glass walls.

Flexible opening options with Schuco Sliding Doors.

Schuco patio doorsA Schuco sliding door offers a large number of opening options. The first of these is its Lift and Slide or Tilt and Slide feature. This enables even the biggest doors to tilt backwards in a partially open position giving you ventilation without having to slide the doors back. Even the heaviest door leaves operate smoothly thanks to sophisticated gearing that enables a Schuco door to lift, tilt and slide.

You also have a choice of one, two or even three sliding tracks. A single track is ideal where you want a small or large two-panel sliding door. Two and three tracks enable more leaves to slide either to the left or the right. Multiple tracks provide for the biggest clear opening with all door panels stacked on the one side if desired.

If you are building a brand new extension why not consider designing your doors and the structure so that the panels slide into the wall disappearing from view. This is possible with Schuco doors.

The other great feature of Schuco sliding doors is that they can even be made to slide open and shut at the touch of a button.

The gearing provided on our contemporary sliding doors enables even the heaviest door panels to be opened with a smooth and light operation.

Schuco doors can create panoramic sliding walls.

With a bespoke Schuco sliding door from The London Glazing Group, virtually any type of design can be created. By far the best feature of Schuco ASS 70 sliding doors is that each panel can be made up to 3 metres wide and 3 metres high. Very few aluminium doors can be provided at such large sizes.

You benefit from large glass areas, maximum light transmission and a feeling of space. At the same time your doors are very thermally efficient, helping to keep your home warm and comfortable all year round.

Schuco sliding doors also give you a choice of frame designs, thresholds and styles.

Superior Security and Weather Performance with contemporary sliding doors.

Schuco Sliding doorsSchuco sliding doors feature a superior locking system for security and peace of mind. Doors are fitted with multi-point locks, designer door handles and high-security cylinders. Doors have been independently tested to European burglar resistance standards.  Schuco sliding doors are provided with the bespoke and exclusive Schuco handle, not possible on any other patio sliding door. Black handles are provided as standard, with silver anodised handles available as an option.

Built into the doors is sophisticated drainage, seals and weathering to make the sliding door highly weather resistant. They have passed the most stringent weather rating tests.

Also as standard are unique features to prevent unauthorised entry such as anti-lift and anti-force systems.

The automatic sliding door version also has safety features to prevent accidental sliding and closing. They also offer a monitoring facility to confirm remotely that the doors are shut and locked.

Other features of Schuco Sliding Doors.

  • Low U-values of under 1.5 W/m2K depending on glass option.
  • Can be double or triple glazed.
  • Ultra thin doors for maximum glass area with only 88mm profile widths
  • Huge colour choices
  • An enhanced insulation upgrade is available for even better thermal performance.
  • High specification safety glass units.
  • Expertly manufactured and installed.

We also offer other Schuco sliding doors including the Schuco ASS 70.HI lift-and-slide door, Schuco ASS 70.HI patio door and the Schuco ASS50 slimline sliding door.

The Schuco sliding door is designed to offer you a complete solution.  All Schuco sliding doors are designed to be flexible in how they are configured and work in your home.  There is a wide choice of profiles available to meet your requirements, including a slimline mullion and slimline panoramic door option.  Contact us to find out more.

For a free, no obligation quotation and consultation contact us today. Find out why Schuco sliding doors are the finest doors for your home.