Integral Blinds

To enhance our market leading range of bifolding doors, The London Glazing Group can provide a stunning range of integral blinds. These are guaranteed to add an added feature to your new bifolding doors.

What are integral blinds for bifolding doors?

integral blinds

Integral blinds work brilliantly with bifolding doors or indeed, any other large pane of glass.  Moreover, these are horizontal blinds that lift, raise and tilt just like conventional blinds. The difference is that blinds between the glass provide protection over and above after-market products.

If you are talking to us about our quality aluminium bifolding doors, talk to us about integral blinds.

Advantages of sealed glass blinds

Integral blinds offer some real benefits over conventional fabric or roller blinds. Their first major benefit is that they are fitted between the glass of your doors ensuring they remain clean. The blinds are housed within the double glazed unit meaning they will never gather dust or need cleaning. They will also not be susceptible to the wear and tear of other types of blinds.

Schuco doors with blindsYou are choosing one of our beautiful bifolding doors for their slim lines and excellent aesthetics. These hermetically sealed blinds enable you to enjoy the privacy you need whilst still enjoying the panoramic appearance of your new folding doors. Where other types of blinds draw in front of them and hide them, integral blinds give you the privacy and all day long enjoyment of your slimline aluminium bifolds.

Better still, you can choose how your blinds open and close. We can provide quality integral blinds that open and close manually, automatically or even with sensors and timers. These varied opening options give you real choice in how you control your blinds and the comfort in your home.

Our innovative interstitial blinds can be chosen in matching or contrasting colour to your doors. They can even help improve the energy efficiency of the glass as well.

At London Glazing Group, you can also choose rooflights with automatic blinds, also ideal for existing flat roofs or for a new extension.

Visit our showroom to view our latest blinds for bifolding doors, windows and sliding doors. Call us on 01753 371354 to find out more. You can even add these to your older doors, sliding doors, entrance doors or windows.