Frequently Asked Questions about Bifolding Doors

At The London Glazing Group, we manufacture a range of aluminium sliding doors from AluK and Schuco. Both AluK and Schuco sliding doors offer you a range of sliding doors from two panels up to six. We can even create a bespoke sliding door designs.

New AluK lift and slide patio door.

Answers to our frequently asked questions about modern sliding doors.

Our sliding doors are fabricated in our factory using trained staff, modern machinery and with a focus on premium quality. With our sliding doors, you benefit from a slimline, contemporary aluminium door that will add value and transform your home.

At The London Glazing Group we know you have a huge choice of products. We have put together our most frequently asked questions about new sliding doors.

What is best? An AluK or Schuco sliding door?

The AluK sliding door is the more affordable option compared to the Schuco. AluK doors are one of the best selling sliding doors in the UK because of their quality to price point.

A Schuco door provides higher end design and engineering and is more adaptable. For example, Schuco doors can be automatically opening and closing. Contact us and we can explain more about the different features.

What opening options are possible with a sliding patio door?

One of the advantages of our sliding doors is their flexibility compared to older types of patio door. You can now have a choice of single, double or triple tracks as one example. This means door panels can slide in one or two directions, can stack behind each other and open up a space better than ever.

How does a modern sliding door work?

A modern patio door is still available as a tradition design, with one panel sliding behind another. Our doors do this as well as offer variable fixed panels, flexible sliding options and come as an inline (traditional) or the latest lift and slide design.

We can even create banks of sliding doors for larger elevations.

Is a low threshold option available for sliding doors?

Depending upon the brand, patio door thresholds can still create a low-level access from the inside to the outside and an integrated, flush floor. Some products come with a choice of thresholds including low thresholds and various sizes too. Contact us and we can explain the various options possible with sliding door thresholds.

Is a lift and slide door better than a standard sliding door?

PVCu Lift and slide patio doors were plagued with reliability issues, but in aluminium, they are reliable, robust and we recommend them.

Aluminium lift and slide doors feature the finest quality engineering and components and are one of the smoothest types of doors on the market. A lift and slide door enables the panels to be lifted away from the frame. Not only are they easier to use, but you can also ventilate the room better.

Can I have a sliding door that recesses into a wall?

Yes. We can work with your builder or architect and create dramatic sliding doors that slide completely into a wall, disappearing from view. The visual effect is excellent and arguably better than even a bifolding door.

If your builder colour matches the external walls to your doors, then the hidden feature of the doors is even better.

How large can sliding panels be made on a patio door?

Sliding panels can be provided up to nine square metres, up to 3 metres in height and width. If you are looking for large span doors with a minimum number of panels, contact us.

What else should I know about aluminium sliding doors?

The sliding door range we make at The London Glazing Group comes from two of the best aluminium systems in the UK and the world. AluK doors are a firm favourite with our customers. Schuco doors we fit for the homeowner that desires the best door for their money.

Our sliding doors come in over 150 colours, can integrate with other doors and windows and are expertly manufactured and installed.

Best of all our doors feature security, specifications and design that surpasses many other sliding door brands on the market.