Schuco ASS 80 slimline bifolding doors

The London Glazing Group manufacture and install the exceptional Schuco ASS 80 bifolding doors, taking the already superb Schuco ASS 70 product to the next level. If you are looking for one of the slimmest and most thermally efficient bifolding doors on the market, contact us about Schuco ASS80 FD bifolding doors.

Schuco ASS 80 bifolding doors. Slender, sleek and luxurious.

The Schuco ASS 80FD follows the same exceptional engineering and design features that make it unique amongst aluminium bifolds. The first is its ability to create door panels of up to 1200mm wide and 3000mm tall. Few doors on the market can achieve this impressive size. Best of all Schuco doors offer industry leading U-Values, making them ideal if you want maximum thermal performance from your new aluminium bifold.

The German engineering and technical excellence behind Schuco doors are the best possible. Door panels can accept weights of over 100kg each while remaining light and effortless to slide and fold.

Schuco ass 80 bifolding doors in a new house.

Schuco ASS 80 bifolding doors are the thinnest on the market with excellent U-Values.

Schuco ASS 80 bifolding Doors. Key Features.

  • One of the finest bifolding doors on the market.
  • The slimmest bifolding doors at only 112mm
  • Can create beautiful floating corner bifolding door sets.
  • High Security and low U-Values
  • Virtually unlimited colour choice including metallic colours.
  • Movable gaskets and adjustable frame jambs for optimum operation.
  • A choice of standard or low thresholds.

The slimmest aluminium bifold, from The London Glazing Group

The Schuco ASS70 is already one of the thinnest folding doors on the market with a sight line of 121mm when the doors are closed. The ASS80 gives you an even thinner bifold with an unbeatable 112mm. There is no slimmer bifolding door on the market like Schuco.

These super slim lines demonstrate the engineering and strength behind a Schuco bifold with the large weights and panel size possible, despite the thin aluminium profiles.

The London Glazing Group Approved Schuco bifolding door fabricators and installers.

The Schuco ASS80 FD bifolding door is precision crafted in our factory by our Schuco-trained fabricators and certified installers. The London Glazing Group are your peace-of-mind Schuco supplier. The London Glazing Group make your doors, install your doors and guarantee them as well.

Schuco doors feature premium glass, top quality handles and locks and a sleek, contemporary appearance. There is no better bifolding door for your home.

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