Origin OB-49 Bifolding Doors

Maximise the light coming into your home and improve the feeling of space with the Origin OB-49 Bifolding Doors range from London Glazing Group. These advanced slimline bifolding doors come with the smallest aluminium sightlines.  You benefit from a modern, minimal-looking bifolding door.  Perfect for replacing your dated patio doors or for your new extension.  Origin OB-49 bifolds have all the quality, appeal and desirability of the classically-styled OB-72 model with a reduced visible profile.  Covering London, Berkshire and the Home Counties, London Glazing Group is your approved Origin installer. .

Maximise light and space with slimline Origin OB-49 Bifolding Doors.

Manufactured from the best aluminium insulated profiles, with quality safety glass and luxury door furniture, Origin slimline bifolding doors come designed for modern houses.  The overall aesthetic of the door is flat, modern and minimal.  From the outside, you benefit from an attractive exterior door with a durable paint finish and high security. Internally, the thin door mullions ensure you make the most of the daylight in the winter and fully open up your home to your patio and garden in the summer.

Expertly made, professionally fitted and built to last.  These new slimline aluminium bifolds are impossibly thin with expansive glass panels and a discreet appearance.

You can view our entire range of sliding and folding doors in our Slough Showroom as well as our range of premium other bifolding door brands.

Luxury slimline bifolding doors to enhance your home.

The direct fix frame design makes these doors ideal for changing a dated set of French doors or patio doors with a more secure, better insulated and modern product.  Also available with these doors is matching single and double doors, with the same thin profiles.  As a result, your home comes with matching doors to the back, side and even the front of your home.

  • Choose open in or open out doors from two up to 8 panels.
  • Legendary Origin 20-year guarantee, for long-term peace of mind.
  • Choose a convenient traffic door for everyday access and convenience – ideal for smaller properties with only one back door.
  • Luxury Hafi metal handles as standard with matching hinges and intermediate handles.
  • Secure 8-point locking system, protecting your home and possessions.
  • Full colour-matched hardware, even down to the door seals, without black gasket lines.

Your bespoke Origin bifolding door comes in 7 standard available colours for faster lead time.  If you’re looking to complete your renovation project faster, we offer the following colours on impressive lead times.

  • RAL 7015 Matt Slate Grey
  • RAL 7016 Matt Anthracite Grey
  • RAL 7021 Matt Black Grey
  • RAL 9005 Matt Jet Black
  • RAL 9006 Matt Light Silver
  • RAL 9007 Matt Dark Silver
  • RAL 9910 Gloss Hipca White
  • White 9910 Gloss/Grey 7016 Matt dual colour.

As well as our standard colours, we offer on slightly extended delivery any of the 150 RAL colours in satin, matt or gloss shades.

The slimline nature of these impeccable bifolds makes them perfect inside the home too. Use these as a room divider, separating a conservatory from your house. You can also use them to divide two rooms into one or two separate spaces. Internal doors come with a low threshold option for improved flow between your rooms.  Externally we can also set the standard weathered threshold lower. You benefit from that desirable seamless link from your living or dining space out to your garden.


origin ob-49 bifolding doors



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With extensive colour, glass and personalisation options, Origin OB-49 bifolding doors enhance any home with their impressive design, beautiful proportions and excellent energy efficiency.

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