Secondary Double Glazing

London Glazing Group offers homeowners an economical way to improve insulation, sound levels and interior comfort with our quality range of secondary double glazing.  Secondary double glazing is ideal for any residential or commercial building and can improve a property in the same way new windows and doors can.

What is secondary double glazing?

The secondary window unit comprises a slimline aluminium window section fitted with a timber subframe or can sometimes come without a subframe.

secondary double glazingWe offer secondary glazing to suit:

  • Fixed Windows.
  • Casement Windows.
  • Sliding Sash Windows.
  • Opening out windows.
  • Horizontal sliding windows.
  • Tilt and Turn or pivoting windows.

At London Glazing Group fit the secondary window unit within your existing window reveals towards the inside edge. This installation creates a substantial cavity between your outside window and the secondary unit, improving energy efficiency and acoustics.  Our premium quality suite of secondary glazing can help enhance your old windows such as single glazed steel casements or timber sash windows.

If you live in a listed building, conservation area property or other house with planning or alteration restrictions, you will find most planners accept the use of secondary double glazing.

Advantages of secondary double glazing.

With our expert help and advice and the broad range of window types available at London Glazing Group, fitting secondary double glazing offers you many benefits.

Improved Thermal Insulation.

Fitting secondary double glazing can help to reduce the heat loss prevalent in many single glazed, poorly insulated metal and timber windows.  Even if you have early generation double glazing in solid frames or poorly insulated windows, you can make a difference to the insulation and heat loss through your existing windows.

Secondary glazing can improve your window security.

The fitting or an internal secondary unit with additional locking can improve the basic locks found in your old windows.  You can even choose laminated safety glass to offer an extra layer of protection.

Enhanced protection from external noise.

If your home is on the main road, near an airport, train station or other noisy location, secondary glazing can help improve sound levels in the house.  You can even choose acoustic glass to enhance the sound performance of your windows even more.

Secondary double glazing helps with condensation.

Single glazed windows can sometimes condensate heavily.  Fit secondary windows with optional trickle ventilators and you can help control the levels of condensation in your home.

The additional window unit allows airflow between the outside window and prevents the build-up of moisture on your glass and frames.

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You will be surprised just how affordable secondary glazing is, compared to new windows and doors. And you benefit from the same quality construction and colour choice of our quality aluminium windows.

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