Origin aluminium windows

Our cutting-edge Origin aluminium windows, not only give you one of the slimmest aluminium windows, but also windows with a unique flush casement design.  At London Glazing Group, our range of Origin aluminium windows offers you a bespoke modern window to suit any type of home and design.


Made-to-order Origin aluminium windows.

Every one of our Origin aluminium windows comes made to order.  Therefore our windows are measure, configured and personalised just for you.  As well as a distinctive design, you also get premium security, outstanding thermal efficiency and endless choices frame and handle colours as well as design. Choose from all these different styles for your home.

  • Fixed and picture windows.
  • Opening out casement windows as side hung or top hung opening.
  • Gable and apex windows.
  • Bay windows.

Origin OW-70 Slimline Aluminium Windows.

The Origin OW-70 Slimline Window transforms your home with sleek and incredibly thin aluminium windows.  As a result, you get a more discreet frame, bigger glass panels and increased light levels.  While these windows are slim, they are also inherently strong.

With sightlines starting at just 65mm, there are few windows on the market as good as these.  We recommend Origin OW-70 windows for your new extension as well as replacing old metal windows. Also available with OW-70 is the choice of a standard glazed or dummy sash design.  Dummy sashes fill the fixed elements of your window making every panel look the same in appearance.

Best if all you get premium grade insulated aluminium with a durable powder coated finish. Therefore, only an occasional wipe with a damp cloth and a mild soapy solution is all you need to keep your new windows looking good.  The ideal window to change and modernise the look of your home.

Features and Benefits of Origin OW-70 Windows.

  • Thinner than other aluminium windows on the market giving you a bespoke look in your home.
  • Flush casement design on the outside and regular stepped look on the inside.
  • Choose from over 150 different colours.
  • Suitable for any non-bay windows in your home.
  • Premium high security locking systems with beautiful yet robust locking window handles in a cranked or inline style.

Achieving a sightlines of just 65mm, the Origin Slimline Window is one of the slimmest windows available with a guarantee of up to 20-years. These ultra-slim sightlines mean less frame and more natural light, as well as better views. Available as either casement or fixed window, the OW-70 is ideal for spaces where maximising glass size and light is essential.

Origin OW-80 Windows

The Origin OW-80 suite is the premium aluminium window with the unique flush casement detail the outside as well as the inside of the window.  No other window looks like Origin OW-80 windows, also one of the most distinctive and high specification windows available today.

As well as high thermal performance, trusted Yale Encloser locking systems and evenan thermal upgrade with Aerogel, Origin windows complement our Origin bifolding doors. 

As a flush casement design throughout, the opening sashes sit neatly within the frame, not overlapping it. While a number of other aluminium windows provide a flush detail outside, no other designer has brought this elegant feature to the inside face before.

Clever engineering with a beautiful design gives you a window like no other. You also get the industry-leading 20-year guarantee.

Features and Benefits of Origin OW-80 Windows.

  • One of the best-performing energy efficient windows and even better with the Aerogel upgrade.
  • Suitable for bay windows, large apex windows and gables.
  • Ideal as a replacement for old timber windows.
  • Huge choice of colours and finishes.
  • Also available is colour matched inline or cranked window handles.

One of the premium aluminium windows, guaranteed to transform the look of any modern or older home.

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Whatever your home improvement requirements, contact us today to find out how Origin aluminium windows offer you features and benefits over other window brands.  An outstanding window with great features and design and built to last.