Commercial Bifolding Doors for restaurants

Commercial bifolding doors for restaurants and bars are an excellent way to transform your business and improve the customer experience. At London Glazing Group, we specialise in commercial bifolding doors, suitable for the hospitality, retail and leisure industries.

commercial bifolding doors

Aluminium Commercial Bifolding Doors for Business.

The London Glazing Group can help improve your business by replacing your existing shopfront with a new set of commercial bifolding doors in aluminium.  We can also work with architects and builders to provide folding door solutions. Our aluminium bifold doors provide reliability, durability and ease of use.  With a low threshold, they also improve accessibility in and out of the store.

Here are some examples of different types of businesses in the leisure or hospitality sector that benefit from aluminium bifolding doors.

Coffee Shops and Restaurants.

Offering flexibility over and above standard commercial aluminium entrance doors, bifolding doors are ideal in family orientated premises. For coffee shops, pubs and restaurants, bifolding doors open up the premises to enjoy outside views and create an al-fresco dining and drinking experience. The winter months also benefit from bifolding doors.  There is a better transmission of light and a more open feel to the dining area.

Coffee shops tend to be smaller units but here too, bifolding doors offer advantages.  Why not consider a reduced height bifold door as part of the shop frontage? A great way to open up your business to passers-by. If you have room for a full-height set of doors, they again improve the overall experience, connecting your customers to the busy world outside.

Bifolding doors for car showrooms

We can custom-design a bifolding door with a ramp-type threshold making it ideal for garage showrooms for both new or used vehicles. Our AluK bifolding door comes in a heavy-duty version with a low threshold that is installed for convenience and accessibility. AluK heavy-duty bifolding doors come with more durable running gear and hardware, specifically for a commercial building.

For showrooms, commercial bifolding doors open up your business in the summer and create a great viewing gallery in the winter with the doors closed.

Bifolding doors for hotels and guest houses.

With more and more people using hotels for dining and leisure as well as accommodation, bifolding doors are ideal. We can fit commercial bifolding doors around the hotel pool or to access a roof terrace.  Bifolding doors in hotels are also perfect fitted internally.  Fit a bifolding door inside and your business benefits from a more flexible space.  Fold back the bifolding doors for conferences, weddings and parties.  Close the bifolds and create a separate space for meeting rooms, a private dining area and many more uses.

Flexible, versatile quality bifolding doors.

With customer comfort so important to repeat business and a great experience, bifolding doors provide great views and added convenience. They also help keep your public areas more comfortable in the summer months by regulating the building temperature or just helping create an outdoor experience.

London Glazing Group excels in creating special-use bifolding doors. Here is a video of a recent installation at a newly-built London Restaurant.  Shown here are AluK bifolding doors at an impressive 2.9 metres high in six panels and powder coated RAL 7016 matt.

Contact us today and find out how London Glazing Group can improve your business with our quality range of commercial bifolding doors.