Comparing Schuco and Origin bifolding Doors.

If you are researching the purchase of new bifolding doors and have come across Schuco, we can tell you that Schuco bifolds have one of the best reputations amongst bifolding door brands.  In doing your research, you may also come across the Origin bifolding door.  Schuco and Origin bifolds are frequently compared. But which one is the better bifolding door?

In this article, we help you by analysing Schuco and Origin bifolding doors to help you choose. We also show you why we think Schuco bifolds are better than Origin.

Comparing Schuco and Origin bifolding doors

Information about Schuco and Origin bifolding doors.

Both Schuco and Origin bifolding doors are fine doors, but we think there are many reasons why Schuco doors are superior to Origin.   We don’t say this because we make Schuco bifolds in our Aylesbury factory.  Schuco is renowned for the engineering and quality of their doors and windows for over 50 years all over the world.

When our customers start their journey to find their perfect bifolds, they will come across Schuco.  However, it is natural to want to see comparable doors whether on price, specifications or quality. We don’t know precisely why Origin and Schuco bifolds are so often compared with each other but search online, and you will see a lot of information about these two brands of bifold door.

Your guide to Schuco vs Origin features and specifications.

Here is how Origin compares to Schuco. Which one do you think is better?

 Origin Schuco
Design British Design German Engineering & Design.
Slimness of the door mullions. Thick at 154mm Thin at just 120mm
Slimness of the side profile. Thicker at 140mm Thinner just 131mm
Weathered Low threshold. Not available Available
Maximum door heights. Just 2.5 metres. Up to 3 metres.
Bifolding Door U Values. Good at 1.6Wm2K Better at 1.5Wm2 or less
Door appearance Traditional Contemporary
Threshold choices. Only two Impressive choice of 4
Maximum glass unit thickness 32mm. 45mm
Opening window in your door Not available Available.
Glass Options Double or Triple Glazed Double or Triple Glazed
Security Test 8 point lock with PAS24 5 points still with PAS24
Door magnets Basic magnets  Metal catch with adjustment
Anodised aluminium option No Yes
Dual colour option Yes not anodised Yes including anodised.

When it comes to sight lines, unusual colours, threshold options and many more features, Schuco bifolding doors are better than Origin. The Origin bifolding door is an excellent bifolding door and justifiably should be compared with another high quality door like Schuco.

Ultimately every customer has different requirements which is why at The London Glazing Group, we don’t just make Schuco; we also offer our customers AluK bifolding doors that are great as well.  However, because people are continually comparing Schuco and Origin bifolding doors and we are asked how they compare, we wanted to highlight where technically and aesthetically, the Schuco door is better.

Schuco Bifolding doors.  One of the slimmest on the market.

The purchase of a bifolding door in your home is a substantial investment.  So it is only right you should look at several products and choose which one is the best for you.

How a door looks and feels is very important.  With modern extensions having bigger bifolding doors, a by-product of bigger bifolds is more vertical sight lines with the many door mullions.  There is nothing you can do about the vertical bars on a bifold.  All bifolds are the same.  However, what you can do is seek out a thinner door.

Your bifolding doors are going to be closed most of the year, so it’s important you enjoy great view.  Schuco doors are substantially thinner than Origin, giving you more glass and better light transmission as a result.  Even at the edges of the doors where the door panels meet the frame, Schuco is thinner again.

If you want one of the thinnest, contemporary looking doors in your home with superb German design and engineering, with a global reputation in aluminium innovation and quality,  we recommend the Schuco bifolding door. And you can even have an opening window in a Schuco folding door for the ultimate in ventilation.

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