What is best? French Doors patio doors or bifolding doors?

If you are currently renovating your home, the rear of your property gives you quite a few choices in what doors you can install. The most popular choices are French doors, patio doors or bifolding doors? What is the better type of door for your home? In this article we explain the key differences to help you choose between French Doors patio doors or bifolding doors.

French Doors patio doors or bifolding doors

French doors patio doors or bifolding doors.

The choice between French Doors patio doors or bifolding doors will depend upon whether you are replacing old doors or building a new extension.  The latter obviously gives you more flexibility as you can choose your doors at the design stage. When building a new extension, your builder can create the structural opening as large or small as you like, giving you more door options.

If you are replacing old timber or PVCu doors the size of the existing structural opening will be a factor. The good new is, with aluminium you can have bigger, wider and taller doors giving you more choice. For existing door openings, French doors are ideal. Sliding and bifolding doors can be considered for larger openings.

Aluminium French Doors

French doors are traditional hinged doors that open in or out.

  • Ideal for smaller openings.
  • Aluminium French Doors give you thinner profiles and bigger doors compared to PVCu.
  • Aluminium French doors will often not need sidelights or toplights necessary with PVCu.
  • Typical maximum sizes for French doors are 1200mm wide for a single door and at least 2460mm wide for double doors with heights of 2400mm possible.
  • French doors are an affordable option.

Aluminium Patio doors.

The aluminium patio door or sliding door is also a great solution for larger door openings. In choosing between French Doors patio doors or bifolding doors, patio doors take up less space because they slide rather than hinge.

  • Patio doors will not encroach on your inside or outside space when open as they slide on a track.
  • Patio doors are ideal for balconies, small gardens or patio areas.
  • Sliding doors are not prone to being caught by the wind like hinged doors.
  • Sliding doors are possible with each door panel up to 9 square metres.
  • Available from two to six sliding panels, as inline or lift and slide doors.
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Bifolding Doors.

Bifolding doors are often the most popular choice when it comes to choosing French Doors, patio doors or bifolding doors. No other door has the facility for the seamless transition between the inside and the outside of your home.

  • Bifolding doors open up virtually the entire structural opening.
  • Two to eight panels or more are possible with bifolding doors.
  • A traffic door makes bifolding doors functional and useable all year round.
  • Bifolding doors create visual impact in a room whether open or closed.

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