Ultra slim bifold doors, your questions answered

One of the benefits of a bifolding door is how it enables a seamless transition from the inside to the outside of your home.  Bifolding doors are available in many different designs including doors that are traditional to replicate timber doors.  There are also contemporary bifolding doors that are very flat in appearance.  The other type is ultra slim bifold doors.  What are ultra-slim bifold doors and how do they differ from regular bifolding doors?

schuco ultra slim bifold doors

What are ultra slim bifold doors?

The reality is that most of the year your bifolding doors will be closed. Bifolding doors differ from sliding doors in that they have more aluminium.  Therefore, when the bifolding doors are closed, you are looking at far more door panels than a sliding door and more vertical, visible aluminium.  Ultra slim bifold doors are on the market for those that want all the advantages of a folding door, but also with thinner profiles.

What defines ultra slim bifold doors?

The most prominent area of a bifolding door is where the door panels meet in the closed position.  The more door panels, the more visible sight lines you see.  It is here that you can choose between standard or ultra slim bifold doors.

At The London Glazing Group, we manufacture the market leading AluK bifolding door as well as the Schuco ASS70  and ASS 80 bifolding door. The Schuco bifolding door range gives your home some of the thinnest sight lines possible with bifolding doors.

Are ultra slim bifold doors better than other folding doors?

No. All quality bifolding doors differ in their visual appearance and are designed to offer you options rather than one door being superior to the other.

You may live in a traditional property, an older house or one with timber windows and doors.  Wood windows and doors have a chamfered, rounded appearance. Therefore, you might want your bifolding door to blend in with your existing windows rather than contrast starkly with them.  This is where a slightly thicker bifolding door may be better for you.

Our AluK bifolding door has wider sight lines than the Schuco door, but it also offers the benefit of a choice.  With our AluK bifolding doors you can choose either a chamfered (traditional) appearance or a flat (contemporary) look.  We make AluK and Schuco ultra slim bifold doors with the same care and attention to detail.

Are ultra slim bifold doors weaker than other doors?

No. Schuco doors despite being slimmer than other doors on the market are possible wider and taller.  Subject to their location and other site considerations, it is possible to make any of our Schuco doors at up to 3 metres in height and with door panel widths of over 1100mm.

What are the sight lines of AluK and Schuco bifolding doors?

Our AluK door is the latest Optio BSF70 Folding Sliding Door model and offers a sight line where the doors meet of just 140mm.

We offer two types of Schuco bifolding door.  The Schuco ASS80 FD is regarded as one of the ultra slim bifold doors on the market with industry leading thermal performance. Its sight lines are just 112mm. The Schuco ASS80 FD model is one of the thinnest bifolding doors on the market.

Our Schuco ASS70 bifolding door is arguably the best known of all bifolding doors on the market with impressive engineering and fantastic design.  A very contemporary looking folding door, Schuco ASS70 gives you equally impressive sight lines of 120mm.

The London Glazing Group. Specialist manufacturers of ultra slim bifold doors.

Contact us today or visit our showroom and factory and let us show you what these different aesthetics mean on our quality range of bifolding doors.  Whether you want an affordable, high quality door or one of the latest generation ultra slim bifold doors, we can help. We also make contemporary sliding doors, aluminium windows and aluminium entrance doors.