Choosing between bifolding or sliding doors

If you are thinking about renovating your home or even building a new extension, one of your requirements will be for a showpiece set of bifolding or sliding doors leading out to your outside space. So what is best for your home and what are the features of both sliding and folding doors?

What is best? Bifolding or Sliding Doors?

As expert Schuco and AluK bifolding or sliding door manufacturers, at The London Glazing Group we have the knowledge to help you decide whether bifolding or sliding doors are best for your home. We also have the best range of bifolding and sliding patio doors.

For contemporary sliding doors, aluminium is the material of choice. You will find available PVCu options that are more cost effective as well as the option for timber bifolding or sliding doors. As you look at all the different products and manufacturers you will see aluminium is the preferred material. We make our own aluminium doors because we know aluminium offers you the best of all the materials for its price to quality ratio, its large colour choice, its strength and long term reliability.

bifolding or sliding doors for new extensionsReasons to choose a bifolding door.

One of the best reasons to choose a folding door is that it is designed to open up your entire opening giving excellent access to the outside. A bifolding door can open up your home to make it look larger as the eye is drawn to the garden.

  • Ideal for opening up a wall and creating a visual link from inside to outside.
  • Two up to eight panels available.
  • Convenient traffic door option for daily entry and exit without folding all doors back.
  • Offers a low threshold or recessed threshold for flush floor levels.

When it comes to choosing between a bifolding door or a sliding door, we suggest a bifolding door might also be the best solution if you have a smaller garden and want to maximise your available space inside and outside your home. They are also suitable for replacing old patio doors or French Doors.

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Reasons to choose Sliding doors

Sliding doors are now better than ever, and there are great reasons to consider one for your home. One of the best reasons to choose a sliding door is the exceptional views they provide when closed compared to bifolding doors. When comparing bifolding or sliding doors, a sliding door offers sliding panels of up to 3 metres width and height, exceeding the capabilities of any bifolding door product. Therefore if you want to enjoy the maximum glass, light and views, a sliding door is recommended.

  • Bigger glass and doors than bifolding doors.
  • Fills your home with an open aspect and a feeling of space when closed.
  • Less visible aluminium than bifolidng doors.
  • The best for country views and large gardens.
  • Modern sliding doors feature slimline sections.

When it comes to choosing between a bifolding or sliding door, a sliding door will be best for houses with more than one door leading out to the garden, those properties enjoying great views.

When you fit a sliding door to an existing opening, you will always lose a portion of that to where the sliding panel needs to locate to. If you are building a new extension, there is no reason why your sliding door cannot disappear into the wall pocket, opening up the entire opening just like a folding door.

Bifolding or sliding doors. Your next steps.

If you want to see how we craft the finest quality bifolding or sliding doors why not contact us and visit our factory and showroom.  We have the latest contemporary sliding doors and premium folding doors. Contact us today and let us help you transform your home with aluminium bifolding or sliding doors in the latest colours, the highest security and built to last by us.