Bifolding door glossary of terms.

At The London Glazing Group, we manufacture and install the market leading bifolding doors from AluK and Schuco. These premium quality doors share many great features such as quality gearing, a durable polyester powder coated finish, thermally efficient frames and a choice of sliding and folding options. We have compiled this bifolding door glossary of terms to help you understand what the terminology means and help you make an informed buying decision.

bifolding door glossary of terms for Schuco


Bifolding Door Glossary of Terms.

Bifolding door configuration.

Bifolding door configuration refers to how you design your new bifolding door. The number of panels, the direction they slide, whether they fold inside or outside are all part of the configuration.

Polyester powder coating.

All coloured aluminium bifolding doors are polyester powder coated. The powder coating process helps keep your doors looking good for many years as well as protecting the natural aluminium underneath.

We have over 200 different colours available for our AluK and Schuco bifolding doors. You can even choose a different colour to the inside and outside. Schuco doors can be ordered in a durable anodised finish giving a contemporary metallic appearance.

Bifolding door sight lines.

The visible aluminium you see on your bifolding door is the sight line. Sight lines are important when all your doors are shut. On multi-panel doors the thinner the dimension where the door panels meet, the bigger the glass area.

Our Schuco bifolding doors are renowned for being one of the slimmest with just 120mm visible door mullion. Our affordable AluK bifolding doors offer you a sight line of 141mm.

Traffic Door.

The traffic door is also sometimes called an access leaf. This is an independent door that can be used as a regular door without needing to fold the door panels back every time you want to go out through the doors.

We recommend a traffic door to doors that are likely to have regular use all year and not just during the summer months.

Bifolding door outer frame.

The bifolding door outer frame is fixed to the structure of your property and houses the tracks and jambs needed for the reliable operation of your new bifolding doors.

The outer frame is the first item to be fitted and once plumb, square and secure is ready to receive all the folding and sliding door panels.

Bifolding door lock jambs.

Bifolding door lock jambs are part of the outer frame but also house the strong keeps the bifolding door lock engages into. Our Schuco bifolding door features a frame jamb that is separate from the frame giving an infinite adjustment to ensure your new bifolding doors are level, precise and ready for use.

Bifolding door cill and threshold.

The bifolding door cill is a separate section that sits under the bottom of your doors. The requirement for a cill depends on the site condition, and every property is different. The purpose of the cill is to deflect water away from the front of the doors when it rains. The cill also bridges the structural cavity and the damp proof course.

The bifolding door threshold is found at the bottom of the doors. This is where the sliding components sit to enable the doors to operate.

Thermal break.

A modern aluminium bifolding door has insulated aluminium thanks to a thermal break. A thermal break is a separate polyamide extrusion that forms part of the overall aluminium section. The role of the thermal break is to create a bridge between the outside and inside faces of the aluminium.

Both our AluK and Schuco bifolding doors feature sophisticated thermal breaks. Schuco doors can be ordered with an enhanced thermal break giving even better insulation and energy saving properties.

Bifolding door panels.

Bifolding door panels relate to the number door leaves a door set has. Bifolding doors are available from two to eight panels with the option to slide to the left or right and stack in or out.

Bifolding door carriages and guides.

At the bottom of each door leaf is the bifolding door carriage, containing the wheels and components that make the doors slide. At the top of the doors is the guide that sits deep inside the top frame holding the top of the doors in position and also helping them slide smoothly.

At our Aylesbury factory and showroom, we have our AluK and Schuco sliding doors available to view. We invite you to our company to see how our expert fabricators manufacture these advanced sliding doors. Contact us today to find out more.