How to choose an aluminium lantern roof

How do you choose an aluminium lantern roof? There is much advice for choosing aluminium windows and doors but a lot less for choosing the right roof lantern.

To help you choose an aluminium lantern roof we have put together the most commonly asked questions about aluminium roofs and roof glazing.

How is an aluminium lantern roof made?

aluminium lantern roof in new build home.

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Typically, an aluminium lantern roof consists of glazing bars, ridge and eaves pieces and other components. These are assembled using brackets bolts and cleats to create the roof.

Subject to the size of the roof, it can be supplied in kit form or fully fabricated. Glass is always supplied loose and glazed at your property.

How good is a lantern roof for natural daylight?

A lantern roof is perfect for allowing lots of natural sunlight into your home. What you will need to consider is the thickness of the roof bars. The slimmer the bars, the leaner the roof and the bigger the glass.

With most aluminium roofs, the roof bar dimensions can range from 40mm to 70mm. Some roofs are designed to be self-supporting. Other types of roofs may need additional supports and tie rods for the bigger sizes.

Some roofs come with their own ridge cover plate, others use an extra flashing piece. Add-on pieces reduce the visible glass area.

What colours are available with my aluminium lantern roof?

Lantern roofs enjoy all the colour advantages of aluminium windows and doors. You can choose from over 150 RAL colours as well as a different colour to the outside or the inside of your lantern roof.

Powder coated aluminium means your lantern roof is durable and will look great for years with only routine cleaning required.

Many of the roof prices you will see will be for standard colours, usually white, grey or black. Other colours will usually cost more.

Are traditional look lantern roofs available?

The latest trend in home extensions and renovations is for a contemporary appearance. For this reason, many aluminium lantern roofs have a square detail inside and out, instead of the traditional shapes and curves found on conservatories.

Some roof designers do offer a choice of look for your lantern roof. Contact us as we can help you with the right type of roof for your style and age of the house.

What design of aluminium lantern roof is available?

Lantern roofs are intended to be provided in popular geometric shapes. If you are looking for a special design, it may be worth considering one of the latest conservatory roof designs.

Our checklist for choosing your ideal lantern roof.

  • Check how the roof looks from the inside of your home. This is the part of the roof you will see the most.
  • The ridge construction can affect the bulk of your roof overall.
  • Check what colours are available at the prices quoted.
  • Ensure your aluminium roof has slimline glazing bars.
  • Ensure your installer has experience in fitting lantern roofs.
  • Work with your builder and your roof installer. Together they will achieve the best result.
  • Check the guarantee available with your chosen product.