What are slimline bifolding doors?

Schuco ass 80 bifolding doors in a new house.

As bifolding door experts, we help many homeowners with a bifolding door for their home, new extension or as a replacement for their old timber or PVCu doors. Increasingly we are been asked for advice about slimline bifolding doors.

One of the great features of our bifolding doors is their flexibility and versatility. We can manufacture and install folding doors to suit all types of apertures. A two-panel door is ideal as a replacement for your old sliding door or French door. We can even create large banks of folding doors with six, seven or even eight panels. There’s even a bifolding door with a floating corner mullion that opens up two sides of your home.

As you do your research around bifolding doors, you may come across all sorts of dimensions and ‘sight lines’.

What are bifolding door sight lines?

Bifolding door sight lines are the physical dimensions of your bifolding door. Some doors are slimmer than others and provide information on their sizes in four part of the door. These are:

  • The height of the threshold and the bottom of the door.
  • The side dimension from the outer frame to the glass line.
  • The size of the doors at the top.
  • The sight line of the doors where they close and meet.

In choosing a bifolding door, we think the most important dimension is the slight line of the doors where when shut.

What is the slimmest bifolding door?

white schuco doors

Schuco bifolding doors comprise the finest German engineering and are one of the slimmest folding doors you can buy.

At The London Glazing Group we offer the Schuco ASS70FD. This is regarded by the entire industry as one of the slimmest folding doors on the market. When the doors are closed it offers a sight line of only 120mm. Look at other systems on the market and you will see the vast majority are thicker than this.

Comparatively, our AluK folding door offers a sight line of 141mm.

It is important to remember that a thicker bifolding door is not an inferior product. Some customers like a thicker sight line as it provides a better match for their windows in the room. The great this is we offer you the choice of a standard or slimline bifolding door to meet your requirements.

If you are researching bifolding doors you’ll find many on the market range from 130mm up to 160mm where the doors meet. So as you can see, our doors are two of the best on the market for sight lines.

Is a bifolding door sight line important?

It does not matter what size your doors are. The important thing to remember is that bifolding doors have to be aesthetically appealing to you. We have customers that prefer the thicker aesthetic of our AluK doors and others that are set on the slimmest type of door.

The number of panels is a consideration as well. If you are thinking about a two or three panel bifolding door then perhaps the slimmer door will be better. The larger the doors, the less impact the sight line has on the product, because the doors spread over a larger area.

Visit our showroom and let us help you choose your new bifolding door.

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