What is a lift and slide patio door?

If you are thinking about improving your home with a new contemporary sliding door, what you many not know is that a new and improved method of opening and closing sliding doors is possible. It is called lift and slide.

One of the benefits of patio doors is that they provide much bigger glass panels than a bifolding door or a French door. However, traditional patio doors slide on one trace and normally within their frame. A lift and slide door opens and closes in an entirely different way and offers more functionality and versatility.

What is a lift and slide patio door?

New AluK lift and slide patio door.

Lift and slide door enable panoramic glass walls, a great view and better opening and closing features than traditional patio doors.

Lift and slide doors are latest generation sliding doors designed for the modern home extension. If you would like to join the thousands of homeowners that are extending their homes and desire maximum light, a panoramic view and the creation of a sliding glass wall, then a lift and slide door is ideal.

With a lift and slide door, a sophisticated system of levers and wheels elevates the sliding panel away from the frame. Even the biggest and heaviest door panels are effortless to open and slide. Best of all, the sliding action is smooth, light, reliable and precise.

How do you use a lift and slide door?

To open a lift and slide door, the door handle is what controls the door and provides all its functions and feature. A simple turn of the contemporary steel or aluminium handle disengages the locking system. The mechanism built into the door then disengages the locks and gently lifts the door away from the frame.

The door is then ready to slide to its desired position.

Advantages lift and slide patio doors.

At The London Glazing Group we provide a sophisticated range of lift and slide doors with various features and specifications. Our AluK lift and slide patio door provides an affordable, reliable and contemporary patio door. We also make the Schuco lift and slide door, arguably one of the best doors of its kind on the market. Both AluK and Schuco patio doors provide excellent security, severe weather performance, low U Values and huge colour choice. Lift and slide patio doors also improve your home with other benefits.

  • Lift and slide doors offer a seamless opening and closing system.
  • You benefit from a better view with a lift and slide door when it is open.
  • The high specification glass means lift and slide doors are very energy efficient.
  • Lift and slide doors don’t take up the room when open of a bifolding door or a French Door.

A lift and slide door will add value and style to your home with a slimline, modern door that opens up your home when open and provides a beautiful glass wall when closed.

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