Are triple glazed windows a good investment?

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The great thing about new double glazing is that technology has come to windows and doors. Modern doors and windows are now more secure and better insulated than ever before.

You may have seen television adverts to have the latest triple glazed windows. What are triple glazed windows and doors and are they a good investment?

What is triple glazing?

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Modern PVCu and aluminium windows are available with double or triple glazing, but which is best?

Triple glazed windows and doors are simply new windows and doors with three pieces of glass in the sealed unit instead of two. In some cold climates windows are even available with four panes of glass, although this is extremely rare in the UK.

A standard double glazed unit today is far more advanced than before. Early double glazing was simply two pieces of glass with an airspace. Now, double glazing has special coatings on the glass, the edging around the double glazed units is a warmer material and they’re even filled with an argon or even a krypton gas for better thermal insulation than ever before.

Triple glazing uses the same modern concept of double glazing with all the warm edge materials, glass coatings and gasses but adds an extra pane of glass. In most triple glazed units, the centre pane is toughened to combat thermal expansion and stresses usually placed on a triple glazed unit, that double glazing doesn’t have to worry about.

Should you have triple glazing in your home?

The simple fact is that even double glazed windows have A ratings, low U Values and excellent thermal performance. Triple glazing just takes this already great performance to an even higher level.

As we look to make our homes more energy efficient, triple glazing is one way of creating windows and doors that are as sophisticated as they can be. So let’s explain the differences between the two.

Advantages of triple glazing.

Triple glazing can offer you several advantages.

  • Even better thermal performance.
  • Even better acoustics if your home is on a busy main road.
  • Offers arguably better window security than two pieces of glass.
  • Gives you the very latest generation windows.
  • Enhanced comfort in the home all year round.

Disadvantages of triple glazing.

As good as triple glazing may sound, it does have a number of things to consider before you buy it.

  • Triple glazing will make your windows and door heavier, you may need enhanced or heavy duty hardware.
  • Triple glazing is more expensive.
  • There are energy savings to be made but they are not significant.
  • You may have a slight visual distortion as you are looking through three pieces of glass.

If you are looking to make improvements to your home, contact us today and come see our range of PVCu and aluminium windows and doors. All are available with the option of double or triple glazing and we can help you make an informed decision.

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