Our AluK Bifolding Door Review

At The London Glazing Group, we make one of the most popular brands of bifolding door in the UK, and that is AluK.

If you are current researching bifolding doors and have come across AluK, we can provide some information about this quality bifolding door we make and give you some information about why you should consider it.

What is the AluK bifolding door?

AluK powder coated folding doors.

An AluK bifolding door features high security, slim sight lines and is a high-quality aluminium bifold.

The AluK (pronounced, Alu and the letter K) bifold door comes from one of the largest aluminium systems designers in the UK. Based in Newport AluK provides not just bifolding doors but a whole range of windows and doors for both the residential and commercial market.

The range of AluK windows and doors is manufactured by expert aluminium fabricators approved by them. The London Glazing Group are one of these approved companies.

The AluK BSF70 bifolding door.

The AluK bifolding door is very much a current generation folding door. Its design includes the latest insulated aluminium profiles giving the door excellent thermal performance in combination with the glass we provide. In fact, triple glaze an AluK door and it achieves an A rating!.

For your home, the AluK bifold door gives you a choice in whether you have a contemporary looking door or a more traditional one. The frame profiles are available with two options of appearance, either flat or softline. This makes the AluK door a great choice if your PVCu or other aluminium windows in the home are a more rounded appearance for example.

An AluK bifolding door also comes with high security as standard. The lever/lever handles on the main doors operate a multi-point lock with a secure door cylinder. For the intermediate panels, AluK doors are easily identified by their flush pop-out handles that other doors do not have. These unique handles are a great addition to the doors, they are discreet and tucked away when not needed.

The other great thing about the T-handle only offered with AluK is that it enables the doors to stack tighter together because the handles do not stick out like others.

Where can you use an AluK bifolding door?

The other advantage of AluK doors is that they are designed either to replace your old doors or if you are building a new extension.

The frame profiles are deep enough to fit where old timber, PVCu or Aluminium sliding or French doors are installed meaning they will not disrupt your internal plaster and keeping the installation clean and straightforward.

Of course, AluK doors are also perfect for new extensions. We can provide our AluK doors with a choice of frames, a standard or low threshold and even sink the doors flush with your inside and outside floor levels.

Why you should consider an AluK bifolding door.

The AluK BSF70 folding sliding door is not only great quality but great value. We make these doors using the latest cutting and machining methods to give your home an affordable, desirable and beautiful looking bifolding door that will last for years.

At The London Glazing Group, we can help you choose from over 150 different colours, a choice of handle colours, double or triple glazing and even match your bifolds to other aluminium windows and screens. AluK bifolding doors are hugely flexible in how they open and close and what they can do.

AluK bifolding door best features.

AluK door handle.

The AluK door features the unique pop out handle that looks great and is discreet.

We have taken the best that the AluK bifolding door can offer your home and summarised them. We think it’s one of the best bifolding doors you can have in your home, which is why we choose to make it.

  • A quality bifolding door at a great price.
  • One of the best selling doors in the UK, trusted by professionals.
  • Unique pop out handles.
  • Good for the home and good for cafes and bars.
  • Huge colour choice.
  • Can open in or out
  • Low threshold available.

Best of all, our AluK doors offer you peace of mind security with a folding aluminium door that is ‘Secured by Design’ tested, offers low U-Values and great acoustics.

If you would like to know more about the BSF70 folding door system get in touch today to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and let us quote you a great price.