How aluminium bifolding doors are made

Are you looking to improve your home with a new aluminium bifolding door? At The London Glazing Group we manufacture Aluk and Schuco bifolding doors, two of the best known and most revered brands of folding doors in the UK.  Some of our customers ask us how aluminium bifolding doors are made, so in this article, we are going to explain the basics.

How is your bifolding door made?

Schuco doors with low threshold.

An aluminium bifolding door is a precision made product with great design, engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Our quality products are made by our experienced technicians and fabricators to create a premium quality product for your home.

The creation of a bifolding door takes skill and expertise. This highly engineered and complex product goes through several production processes and rigorously tested and inspected. We give you an insight into what goes into making this sophisticated folding door for you to enjoy.

Stage 1. Painting of the aluminium profiles.

Before we manufacture your new bifolding doors we have to paint the aluminium profiles in the desired colour. Our profiles are painted either directly by the extruders or we use certified and Quality Assured polyester powder coating companies that supply most of the aluminium sector in the UK.

If you require your new bifolding doors with a different colour inside and out, this is also possible, thanks to the way the profiles are specially painted and then rolled together to create the finished extrusion.

The painted aluminium extrusions are protected with special low tack tape to protect the paint finish during manufacturing.

Stage 2. Cutting and machining.

Once we have surveyed your new bifolding doors, we know what size to make them, so they perfectly fit your new or existing opening. We use the latest sophisticated aluminium machinery to cut the aluminium profiles to the required sizes.

The machining process creates the slots, grooves and apertures that house the door locks, handles, running gear, corner pieces and other components that go into your new bifolding door.

Stage 3. Assembly.

Once all the profiles are cut and machined, these are placed on special assembly benches. On these we assemble your bifolding doors by hand. The outer frame and door leaves are assembled, the hardware is fitted and the woodpiles, seals and gaskets are inserted.

At this stage, the glazing beads that hold your glass in place will also be cut to ensure a precise fit when the glass goes into your new doors.

Stage 4. Inspection and preparation for delivery.

The final stage of the process is to inspect and prepare your new bifolding door for delivery and installation. All the surfaces and construction are checked by a dedicated Inspector in our factory and signed off. The bifolding door corners are protected as is the entire product, so it is safe in transit.

We also include your glass and any accessory packs for our installers or your builders as well as your door keys.

Your completed bifolding door arrives ready to be expertly fitted and in pristine condition.

If you would like to visit our showroom and factory to see how we make our doors and for a quotation, please contact us.