Aluminium Windows Direct from a Manufacturer

As you research the purchase of new aluminium windows you will encounter various companies offering their services.  It is helpful to understand how the supply chain works, as there are advantages to purchasing aluminium windows direct from a manufacturer.

The advantages of buying windows direct from a manufacturer.

The London Glazing Group factory front

Our modern showroom and factory specialises in crafting superb aluminium windows and doors for your home.

At The London Glazing Group, we manufacture and install all our products. There are many benefits to buying windows and doors direct from a manufacturer if you are looking to improve your home with new windows and doors.

One of the most significant advantages of manufacturing our own windows and doors is that we are at the grass roots of the industry working with the latest machinery, training, updates from the aluminium systems companies and always striving to improve our products and their quality.

Windows from manufacturers can be better valued.

The price you pay for new windows and doors is down to many factors. Colour choices, hardware upgrades, specifications, window and door designs and the nature of your particular project all play a part.

Customers who buy windows and doors direct from a manufacturer and installer benefit from the most competitive prices. An installer that buys from a manufacturer will invariably apply a profit margin on these products. This affects the price you pay.

Windows from manufacturers are excellent quality.

Another advantage to making our windows is we work with our installation teams to ensure our products are continually updated. With so many different types of homes, building and renovation projects and designs, our fitters provide great feedback to our production.

The benefit of this is our products are continually updated so they are easy to fit and less time is spent installing them. The result is a swifter, better installation of your new windows and doors.

Manufacturers can make your windows and doors faster.

aluminium bar cutting machine

Our production facility expertly crafts your new bifolding doors, sliding doors or aluminium windows.

Because we are in control of our production line we are more flexible than the wholesale manufacturers if you need your windows and doors quickly.

If your builder for example, has completed the opening and you are keen to have your new doors installed, a manufacturer will usually make these quicker for you.

Repairs and service work happen faster.

In the unlikely event your new windows and doors need to be adjusted or altered, a manufacturer can carry out this job faster than waiting for a trade supplier to slot it into their production schedule.

Often trade suppliers are unaware of site conditions, customer requirements and any urgent matters. As we work directly with you and not via a third party, repairs or alterations to your doors can be carried out as soon as possible, minimising delays and inconvenience on site.

The other big advantage is that we have a direct source to our materials either in our factory or direct from the extruders, relying less on third parties.

Window manufacturers are more flexible.

From a window, to a new roof, to a beautiful bifolding door, our factory makes them all.

It is often the case that many trade fabricators standardise their product range to keep things simple and to keep production flowing. We are more specialised meaning shapes, angles and individual design requirements can be better catered for.

Some manufacturers will not make circles, shapes and take on specialist aluminium fabrication. We can.

Aluminium window manufacturers for Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and the South East.

If you would like to take advantage of our aluminium expertise, excellent prices and service, contact us today to discuss your requirements. Or why not visit our showroom and factory and take a look how we craft your new aluminium windows and doors.