How does a Schuco Bifolding Door Work?

schuco ultra slim bifold doors

The Schuco bifolding door offers a contemporary aluminium bifolding door. Schuco bifolds provide the very best in German engineering with a stunning appearance and effortless operation.

In choosing a bifolding door there are many different products to choose from, so what is it that makes Schuco stand out?

Why consider a Schuco bifolding door?

white schuco doors

Schuco bifolding doors comprise the finest German engineering and sophisticated hardware to make them slide and fold.

Schuco bifolds offer several key advantages over aluminium bifolds. Firstly you are benefiting from one of the most prestigious names in bifolding doors. You are also able to custom-design your bifold as a bespoke product.

In buying a Schuco bifolding door, you get many unique features as standard.

  • One of the slimmest bifolds you can buy. Sight lines are only 120mm where the doors meet.
  • Schuco doors can be made up to 3 metres in height with door panels at 1.2metres. Few doors can be done this big.
  • Schuco doors are burglar tested, and they have outstanding weather resistance.
  • Four possible threshold options.

How do Schuco doors slide and fold?

Picture of Schuco bifold door handle in silver.

A contemporary engineered Schuco Lever handles provides comfortable operation, security and easy access.

A Schuco bifolding door comes with both a lever handle and a shoot bolt handle. Each provides a different function in locking, unlocking and folding the doors.

Schuco bifold door lever handle.

The Lever handle is found on the main doors. This works like a traditional door handle but offers a latching point for the main locking door on a bifolding door set. Another advantage of the Schuco lever handle is that it enables the traffic door on a bifold to be used just like a regular door.

These contemporary and top quality lever handles come in White, Black, Satin Silver and Stainless steel.

Schuco bifold door Slave Handle.

Further along, the doors is the Shootbolt handles. The number of these will depend on how many door panels there are in total. Shootbolt handles disengage the intermediate folding leaves and unlock them ready to slide and fold. Much smaller and thinner in appearance, the Schuco shootbolt handle does not offer a latch function but purely a locking point.

These intermediate door handles are available in White, Black, Satin Silver only.

The Schuco Pull handle.

The Schuco shootbolt handle and the pull handle located above it. These are used to pull to, and lock the intermediate leaves.

The Schuco shootbolt handle and the pull handle located above it. These are used to pull-to, and lock the intermediate leaves.

Above the Shootbolt handle, you will also find a pull handle. This is designed to pull the intermediate leaves together as you close the door and prevent you from using the shootbolt handle as a door pull.

Slim, robust and designed to be discreet, the pull handle is an essential part of a Schuco bifold. This too comes in White, Black and Satin Silver.

Schuco door gearing.

On your Schuco bifold you will see sophisticated hardware at the bottom of the door as well as the top. Your Schuco door is ‘bottom hung’. This means that all the weight of the doors is at the bottom, where it should be – for the door panels and the threshold to take the weight.

At the top of the doors is a series of guides, hidden in the frame that keep the doors level and support them. At the same time, they aid the opening, sliding and folding action. On a Schuco door, this is effortless, whatever their size.

Schuco bifolding door gearing comprises high-grade metals; precision made components and exceptional engineering. They enable your new Schuco bifolding door to be reliable long into the future and easy to open, slide and fold every time.

Contact your local specialist Schuco door manufacturers.

The London Glazing Group are one of a select number of manufacturers authorised to fabricate the Schuco bifolding door. Using the latest machinery, processes and manufacturing methods, our skilled team create the finest Schuco aluminium bifolding doors.

We can help you at every stage of the process from the initial design, door configuration, threshold options and much more.

The Schuco bifolding door is one of the best bifolding doors you can buy. Contact us today for a quotation and further information.