Schuco ASS70 FD Folding Door Options and Specifications

Schuco ass 80 bifolding doors in a new house.

When it comes to choosing a premium bifolding door, the Schuco door is one of the best-known systems in the world.

Schuco windows and doors offer excellent German engineering, superior design and long term reliability. We think there is no better bifolding door than a Schuco.

Options available with a Schuco Bifolding Door.

Schuco bifolding doorsOne of the benefits of a Schuco door is the many personalization and customisation options. All these, together with our expert help and advice, enable you to have a crafted folding door, installed with precision and care. Above all, it is a door that will be bespoke to you and your home.

Schuco doors are ideal for either new extensions, small or large door openings and even suitable internally as room dividers.

Colour options for Schuco bifolding doors.

Our Schuco ASS70 FD bifolding doors come in a virtually unlimited choice of colours. The polyester powder coating process used in our premium Schuco folding doors offers you over 150 RAL colours including a different colour inside and out.

If you are looking for a more contemporary or architectural look to your home, talk to us about our range of metallic or anodised finishes.

Handle Options for Schuco Bifolding Doors.

Schuco doors come with a choice of handle to suit the style and configuration of your door as well as the colour.

We offer a range of aluminium as well as quality stainless steel handles. Many of our customers opt for Schuco bifolding door handles in black as these seem to offset most of the modern colours very well. They come in a choice of cranked, angled as well as flat handle designs.

Silver is also a hugely popular colour when used with Schuco doors and come in aluminium or stainless steel materials. Satin colours work better than polished, especially with matt paint finishes.

Design options for Schuco Bifolding Doors.

The Schuco ASS70 FD bifolding door offers many choices in how they open, slide and fold. You can choose from doors that open in or out, slide to the left or the right.

You can even design your doors to have an access leaf on each side or somewhere in between. This enables you to use the door all year round without having to slide every panel back whenever you use the door.

You can even choose a Schuco bifolding door with a stunning open corner arrangement whereby you have a bifolding door on each side with a moveable corner post.

A Schuco bifold can even couple to a window on the side or a large gable window. You can even incorporate an opening window within the door – such is the flexibility and design flair of a Schuco bifold.

Technical specifications of Schuco ASS70 FD Folding Doors.

A Schuco ASS70 FD folding door is one of the best performing bifolding doors on the market for security, quality and weather performance. Here are some of the best features of a Schuco bifolding door.

Sight Lines.

Schuco offers one of the slimmest bifolding doors on the market. The Schuco ASS70FD offers a sight line where doors meet in the middle of only 120mm. Schuco ASS 80FD folding doors are even slimmer at 112mm.

Glass Panels.

Schuco doors are available from two up to 9 folding panels. For bifolding doors all sliding in one direction, seven panels are the maximum.

Schuco bifolding door Glass.

Schuco doors will accept 6mm single glass up to 45mm triple glazed units.

The choice of glass plays a part in the overall thermal efficiency of the product. We recommend toughened or laminated glass with a Low-E coating, argon gas fill and warm edge spacer bars.

Glass options available include acoustic glass, solar control glass as well as double glazed units with integrated manual or automatic blinds.

Schuco panel weights and sizes.

Each door panel can be up to 100kg in weight, up to 1200mm high and up to 3000mm high.

Schuco bifolding door profile sizes.

Depth of frame 70mm

From outer frame to edge of door leaf glass line. 131mm

Door sash width, 55mm

Door stile sight line 120mm

Schuco doors are tested to the latest European and British Security Standards.  They are also a high-performance weather resistant door.

Air Permeability

Class 2 in accordance with EN 12207

Water Resistance

Class 9A in accordance with EN 12208, Wind loading to C3, EN 12210


PAS:24 Enhanced Security Performance Requirements. Secured by Design.

Thermal Efficiency

U-Value of 1.8 W/m2K subject to glass specification.

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