Information about AluK windows and doors.

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The London Glazing Group is a leading manufacturer of the industry leading AluK suite of aluminium windows, doors, sliding and folding doors. We are an approved manufacturer of Aluk Systems.

We are expert manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors and have seen many different products on the market.  We think the AluK range of windows and doors offers both home owners, builders and property professionals, the best value and most comprehensive range of products.  This is why we make and install AluK.

About AluK Systems.

AluK powder coated folding doors.

An AluK bifolding door features high security, slim sight lines and is a high quality aluminium bifold.

AluK aluminium folding doors are gaining popularity amongst homebuilders, homeowners, building developers, engineers, and architects.

Aluk Group is a leader in the development high-quality building systems and innovative designs. Aluk is known for its creative and multi-functional products and services.

AluK Group was established in 1969. Its products have been installed in homes and commercial buildings in the UK and all over the world. For the UK, the AluK brand is one of the best known and most respected in the field of architectural aluminium home improvement products.

The AluK suite of aluminium windows and doors.

Aluk has a range of products and services, including:

SL52 Curtain Walling

This is an aluminium capped walling system that is designed to span many floors and even provide a glass facade for the home. AluK curtain walling This walling system allows developers, architects and homeowners to create an impressive and elegant building facade.

SG52 Curtain Walling System

This curtain walling product is designed to be slimline and reduce the visible sight lines of the aluminium framing. It can also integrate fully with the full AluK suite of windows including Top Hung, tilt and turn, pivot windows and parallel opening windows.

72BW HI Window System

This is a three-chamber window system offers maximum stability. Its integrated system also allows you to easily incorporate door systems. The AluK 72BW HI window system is one of the most popular aluminium windows on the market.

72BD HI Door System

For residential entrance doors, the AluK 72BD system offers French Doors, single doors, balcony doors and entrance doors. A multi-chamber polyamide aluminium extrusion provides excellent thermal efficiency and security.

BSC94 Sliding Door

Our most popular sliding door is the AluK BSC94. This advanced bifolding door offers great aesthetics, effective security and a huge choice of configurations.

BSC70 Sliding Door System

This sliding door system is perfect for the home but also widely made by The London Glazing Group for retail, commercial, and hospitality applications. The BSC70 door offers excellent security and thermal performance and an effortless operation.

BSF70 Folding Sliding Door

The market leading AluK bifolding door is renowned for its great appearance, great reliability and appeal. It offers impressive security, huge colour choice and a selection of rounded of flat profiles. You can also choose a square or chamfered glazing bead. A heavy duty version in the BSF70 HD Folding Sliding Door System is available for commercial applications or where a larger bifolding door is required.

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The London Glazing Group offer a complete range of AluK windows and doors on a supply only or supply and install basis. Contact us for fast prices, great lead times and service.