The Schuco range of aluminium doors and windows

approved Schuco manufacturers and installers for Aylesbury.

The London Glazing Group are approved manufacturers of the world-renowned Schuco aluminium system. If you are looking for one of the most technically superior names in aluminium doors and windows we can help.

Schuco is a global aluminium systems company that is internationally renowned for its sophisticated aluminium windows, doors and glazing systems.

You will typically find Schuco doors and windows fitted in some of the finest buildings all over the world. Top architects, construction companies and homeowners use Schuco where a highly engineered and top performance door or window is required.

Schuco are also innovators in the field of fireproof, bomb blast and specialist protection windows. It is this expertise and know how that is also applied to their residential range of windows and doors. If you are looking for an advanced, German engineered, premium quality window or door, we recommend you talk to us about Schuco. And despite the prestige of the Schuco name, their products are remarkably affordable.

Schuco Bifolding Doors.

Schuco four panel folding doors.

Schuco bifolding doors offer the slimmest design and the highest performance amongst modern bifolding doors.

At The London Glazing Group, we offer the ASS70 FD and ASS80 FD range of bifolding doors from Schuco. The ASS 70 FD is our most popular door and covers most requirements. The ASS80 offers better installation and performance where it is required.

With both Schuco folding door products you benefit from:

  • One of the slimmest bifolding doors on the market.
  • Advanced engineering to create a highly secure and weather resistant door.
  • Virtually unlimited design options.
  • Can be made up to 3 metres in height.

Schuco ASS 70.HI Sliding Doors.

Contemporary Schuco sliding doors.

Schuco sliding doors create stunning glass walls and can even open and close at the touch of a button.

The same innovation found in the Schuco range of bifolding doors is evident in the Schuco sliding door ranges.

The London Glazing Group manufacture and install ASS 70 HI lift and slide door.
This is a highly thermally insulated door with a lift and slide operation.

It offers maximum security and weather resistance, and comes with a choice for single, double or triple tracks. This enables you to have a sliding door with just two or up to six or more sliding panels.

The other advantage of the Schuco aluminium sliding door is that it can be customised to automatically open or close as well as work with the latest in Home Automation technology. It is the ultimate sliding door.

Schuco Aluminium Windows.

Extension with Schuco windows.

Schuco aluminium windows come in a choice of designs for the ultimate modern windows.

For one of the slimmest and most advanced aluminium windows, we recommend the Schuco AWS 70 suite of windows. These are available in a choice of highly contemporary windows or a more rounded appearance.

They feature the very latest in locking systems for maximum security, offer excellent U Values and are highly weather resistant.

Schuco AWS 70 windows offer a solution for virtually any type of home. You can choose from a choice thermal insulation, vent contours, frame designs and even handle and locking options.

We offer the Schuco AWS 70 SL.HI Soft Line series, the bevelled Schuco AWS 70 RL.HI Residential Line or the Schuco AWS 70 ST.HI Steel Contour. There is even the Schuco AWS 70 WF.HI Window Facade product to look like the commercial glazing system found in the finest high rise buildings.

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We expertly manufacture our advanced range of Schuco windows, folding and sliding doors to provide you with one of the very best doors and windows you can buy at very competitive prices.

All of our Schuco range comes in the most comprehensive range of colours, all manufactured and installed by us.

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