AluK aluminium windows and doors

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At The London Glazing Group, we manufacture, supply and install aluminium windows, doors and bifolding doors from the leading aluminium systems in the UK. One of these is AluK.

Information about AluK aluminium windows and doors.

AluK is one of the biggest aluminium systems companies in the UK today. They design and supply a complete range of aluminium door and window systems for both the residential and commercial markets.

AluK as a business is very active in the specification and architectural sector. Some of the UK’s most prestigious, energy efficient and functional buildings feature AluK doors and windows. Behind AluK is a huge amount of knowledge, experience and technical know-how.

AluK windows and doors for the home.

For homeowners, builders or anyone looking for residential windows and doors, AluK are a market leader. This is why at The London Glazing Group, we choose AluK as our system of choice.

From a single window to an advanced sliding or folding door, AluK provide a complete home solution.

AluK Bifolding Doors

AluK powder coated folding doors.

An AluK bifolding door features high security, slim sight lines and is a high quality aluminium bifold.

AluK bifolding doors are one of the best selling in the UK. We manufacture, supply and install AluK bifolding doors because they are:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Very secure
  • Highly weather resistant.

If you are looking for a bifolding doors with mass appeal, great performance and suitable for any type of property or project, visit our showroom for a demonstration

AluK Aluminium Windows.

AluK white powder coated windows.

AluK windows come in traditional or modern styles as well as a steel look window.

The AluK aluminium window has been designed to offer a window solution regardless of the property, the budget or the design requirement.

The AluK window range comprises the 72BW and the 58BW suites. The 78BW is commonly used where old windows are being replaced with new aluminium windows because of the slightly deeper frame depth. This makes them ideal for the replacement of old timber or plastic windows.

The AluK 58BW suite is a slimmer range of windows. It is ideal for new builds, extensions and new structural openings.

AluK windows are designed to offer an aluminium window solution for:

  • The replacement of old steel windows.
  • Windows to replicate the appearance of ovolo or chamfered windows.
  • Where a contemporary flatline window is needed.
  • To work alongside doors to create screens, porches or other door/window combinations.

AluK Sliding Doors.

Sliding doors in new extension.

Sliding doors offer large glass panels and create a panoramic glass wall.

AluK Sliding doors are as popular as bifolding doors.

There are two door types available, the AluK BSC94 sliding door with an innovative lift and slide feature.

This enables complex door arrangements to be made catering for both a standard size door or a large sliding glass wall.

The BSC70 sliding door is an inline door whereby the panels slide along a single track like a traditional door.

An AluK Sliding door is available in choice of either inline sliding or the latest generation lift and slide door.

Sliding doors by AluK offer solutions for those homeowners looking to either replace their old patio door or create a large span sliding door at very tall heights or widths.

They are slim, robust, easy to slide, offer exceptional security and weather resistant.

We recommend the AluK sliding door for anyone looking for an advanced, yet affordable aluminium patio door or contemporary sliding door.

AluK Residential Doors.

Modern aluminium house with front door in aluminium,.

AluK doors are ideal for front doors, French doors or single doors.

For other areas in the home needing either French doors, side doors, balcony doors or a simple front door, we recommend the AluK product.

AluK doors are available as double doors or single doors. They can open in or out and can be combined with screens or windows as well.

Security and weathering is excellent on AluK doors making them ideal for any part of the home including a front door or porch door.

Advantages of AluK Windows and Doors.

The London Glazing Group offer a complete range of AluK window and door products and with virtually all of these you’ll find some excellent features and benefits. These include:

  • Virtually unlimited colour choice including dual colours.
  • The option of double or triple glazing.
  • Standard or upgraded security options.
  • Excellent U Values, Energy saving and thermal efficiency.
  • A range of modern or traditional looking windows and doors.

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