Opening options on bifolding doors.

schuco ultra slim bifold doors

Bifolding doors are designed in such a way that the door leaves are connected with hinges and gearing.  Unlike a traditional hinged or sliding door, these connected door panels give more flexible opening options than a hinged or sliding door.

The other benefit of bifolding doors is that when configured correctly, and subject to the rightt number of panels you can have doors that swing, slide and fold as well.

Opening Options AluK and Schuco folding doors.


The number of door panels you have will of course depend on the size of the structural opening as well as your budget if you’re building a new extension.  The more door panels, the higher the cost of your doors. You have options from 2 pane folding doors right up to 7 panes and even more. What is the right design of bifolding door and where can you use it in the home?

Two Panel Bifolding doors

2 pane doors are great for replacing small patio doors.

2 pane doors are great for replacing small patio doors.

For the simple replacement of old French doors or an inline metal patio door a two pane folding door is perfect.  Both leaves are connected and they simply slide to the left or the right, in or out depending on what you choose.

Three panel bifolding doors

3 pane doors are a very popular style.

3 pane doors are a very popular style.

Most people opt for a three pane folding door as this is affordable whilst giving a nice clear opening when folding back. It is by far our most popular door. Existing openings with old sliding doors or double doors with side panels are also good for three panel folding doors. We recommend an opening hinged leaf with larger doors. This enables you to swing the door open for simple access to your outside space so you don’t have to fold the doors back every time.

Four Panel Bifolding Doors

Four panel doors give you french and folding doors in one.

Four panel doors give you french and folding doors in one.

A bifolding door with four panes is also a popular choice thanks to it’s flexible sizes and opening options.  You can choose doors that are split into three and one, giving you an access leaf.  You can also have doors that are split centrally giving you the benefit of french doors as well as folding doors. Or you can have all four doors sliding in one direction.

Five Panel Bifolding Doors

5 pane bifold

Great walls of glass are possible with a five panel door.

Choose a five panel bifold and you really do start enjoying the best that large glass walls can provide. Just like the other styles you can split the doors three and two or four and one or all panes sliding in one direction. o

Six Panel Bifolding Doors

6 pane bifold 3-3

Choose a six panel door and these two can be split like French Doors.

A six panel door adds a further dimension to your extension with even more options for splitting the doors or having them all sliding one way. You get the most function from having access leaves in the middle or on the one side.

Seven Panel Bifolding Doors

7 pane bifold

If you can build for a 7 panel, you’ll enjoy a true glass folding wall.

The seven panel bifolding door provides you with a true folding wall of glass and when closed provides a huge open aspect to your outside space.  Again these doors can be split in many way or all slide together to the one side.

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