How much do bifolding doors cost?

Schuco ass 80 bifolding doors in a new house.

If you are about to start or get quotations for a new extension or renovation project and are thinking about bifolding doors, one of the questions you may be asking is how much they cost?

The cost of a bifolding door depends on a large number of factors.  While there are websites and print adverts giving prices on these doors, you will notice that the professional window companies tend not to do so. The reason is that all reputable bifolding door companies do not need low prices to capture the customer – it is the quality of the product and the service that sells the doors.

It is right to consider why bifolding doors vary in price so we shall give you some information about factors that can affect how much bifolding doors cost.

How Much Do Bifold Doors Cost?

The first and probably most important consideration are that the cost of bifolding doors will be affected by the material they are made out of.

PVCu Bifolds will be cheapest, but they are not reliable due to the thick sight lines and thermal expansion of PVCu.
Aluminium Bifolding doors are next in price.  Aluminium is the most popular material for bifolding doors.
Timber and Timber Hybrid bifolding doors are perhaps the most expensive.
There are then specialist bifolding doors even made out of steel that cost arguably the most.

The handles and running gear fitted to bifolding doors also has a bearing on their price. Some bifolding doors are equipped with generic and inexpensive hardware, others more specific or bespoke handles and locks that have more features and better quality materials.

Colour also has a bearing on the cost of a bifolding door.  With over 150 colour combinations plus options in different colours inside and out, this too will affect the price.

When choosing a bifolding door, look beyond the price.

Schuco bifolding doors

As part of a great home extension a quality bifolding door will add monetary and family value to your property.

A bifolding door is a very popular product for homeowners and adds value to your living space and value to your home.  We say that bifolding doors can add more value overall than the cost of the doors themselves. It is also worth considering that folding doors are complicated in how they are designed and assembled.  As so many leaves are inter-connected together, expert fitting and good design are essential to long term reliability.

When looking for quotations for folding doors we recommend you look beyond the price.  Ask questions, compare products, study how the door is built and the quality of the locks and handles.

At The London Glazing Group we provide the market leading AluK door and the bifolding door from Schuco – a name that is known for the quality of its aluminium the world over. These two doors are both very well priced considering the top quality of the materials, the innovative and robust hardware as well as how well we build them.

For extra peace of mind, you will get a ten-year warranty as well as a professional installation. All these factors will give you a door that will look great in your home and give you enjoyment in use for many years to come.

Contact you local bifolding door experts.

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