What are integral blinds?

One of the great benefits with bifolding doors, and especially if you buy one of our quality AluK or Schuco folding doors is how much extra light you’ll enjoy in your room. Whether you are building a new extension, replacing French Doors or sliding doors with folding doors it is the large panes of glass that bring a brighter feel.

A bifolding door should also add monetary value to your property, add a wow factor and above all, give you greater flexibility to enjoy your garden in better weather.

When thinking about bifolding doors, many of our Buckinghamshire customers tell ust that privacy is a consideration.  This is partly because of the extra light that these doors let in. For example, your garden may be overlooked by your neighbours or passing pedestrians.  You may simply have a house on a south facing elevation that gets the sun all day long.  All these factors mean that while you’re enjoying the general aspect of your doors, at times you may also require some privacy.

So what are your options when it comes to shade and privacy with large glass doors? Integral blinds we know offer a great solution.

How do integral blinds for bifolding doors work?

integral-blinds-Morley-Glass-12-600x401We are all familiar with door and window blinds.  They can be wood, fabric even paper.  They are horizontal or vertical, and they will usually operate manually with cords, strings and have adjustable slats as well. By and large, these are affordable, quality products but integral blinds are far superior.

Integral blinds are also called ‘between glass blinds’ or ‘interstitial blinds’ or even ‘blinds between the glass’.  Simply put, they are horizontal blinds that raise, lower and tilt like regular blinds.  The big difference is, they are permanently fixed between the glass of your double glazing.

These blinds are made of quality aluminium and contain ultra high-precision components. When fitted to bifolding doors, integral blinds are permanently housed within their glass.  They are sealed with the glass in the same way as a typical double-glazed unit is, to provide the energy saving benefits of modern double glazing.  Integral blinds will cost more than a conventional blind. However, they provide many more benefits and do justify their extra cost over standard shades.

Benefits of integral blinds for bifolding doors.

As the blinds are permanently housed in the glass, they will never need cleaning.  They will look good as new long into the future.  If you’ve ever tried to clean blinds before either by hand or with a vacuum cleaner, you will know this is quite tricky and the blinds are quite delicate as well.  Integral blinds do away with cleaning altogether.

If you love to have doors and windows open in the home, you’ll know that standard blinds can get blown about, cords get tangled and damage can occur.  Integral blinds again provide a solution by being sealed away and will stay wind resistant whether they are lowered or raised. Integral blinds let you enjoy your bifolding doors more.

By far one of the best benefits of integral blinds in folding doors is that they are part of your doors.  Where conventional blinds obscure your full door by being in front of it, integral blinds still enable you to enjoy the slim sight lines and beautiful powder coated finish of your new bifolds.  This you’ll find particularly good if your doors are a focal point of your room. You can enjoy privacy whist still being able to see your doors.

Finally, integral blinds can help to enhance the thermal efficiency of your doors overall, improving the already good glass performance. Your room and home could be more comfortable as a result.

How do integral blinds work?

When you choose a bifolding door from The London Glazing Group, you get an excellent choice of colour, styles and opening options.  Our integral blinds give even more flexibility. There are several ways these can be used.

The manual operation consists of a cord or magnet.  Raise and lower the magnet to lift and drop the blinds and rotate the magnet to tilt the slats.  The cord operates in a similar way.

For automatic blinds you can choose these to work by remote control, by timers and even by solar sensors! You can even choose push button, wall switches and other options as well.

What else should you know about integral blinds?

How is this for a great idea? A front door with integral blinds that provides light when needed and shade when required.

How is this for a great idea? A front door with integral blinds that provides light when needed and shade when required.

It’s important to remember that as integral blinds are part of a hermetically sealed unit, should your glass break or get damaged and the blinds are damaged as well the entire unit with the blind needs to be replaced.  This is because (hence their name) the blinds are an integral part of the glass.

Very importantly with integral blinds, you also get what you pay for.  It may be tempting to choose a very cheap product hoping to save money.  Our experience has shown that these can be highly unreliable and we recommend you go for the best quality integral blind you can afford.

The best news of all, is that if you already have bifolding doors, windows, sliding doors or other types of doors and wish to benefit from integral blinds, you can. It’s quite easy to change your existing glass and replace it with integral blinds in glass.

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