Choosing Between Schuco or AluK Doors

Schuco ass 80 bifolding doors in a new house.

As experienced manufacturers of bifolding doors, at The London Glazing Group, we believe AluK and Schuco are two of the best aluminium systems available.

If you are in the market for a new bifolding door, how do you decide between an AluK or a Schuco door? Is one bifolding door better than the other?

What is best? AluK or Schuco Doors.

The first thing to state about AluK and Schuco doors is that they are both quality folding doors. As far as quality is concerned, both share some common features and specifications. Examples of these are:

  • The best quality aluminium extrusions.
  • Tested to the latest security standards.
  • Coloured to stringent industry quality standards.
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Exceptional weather performance
  • The same excellent quality of glass.
  • Both made by The London Glazing Group

So as you can see, for the important aspects relating to a bifolding door, both AluK and Schuco doors are tested and designed to be secure, weather resistant and offer durable colour. The aluminium extrusions themselves are also of great quality.

Helping you choose between Aluk and Schuco Doors.

Where the doors are different is in their design and their aesthetics. This does not mean that one is inferior, merely that they can do different things.

The AluK doors are the cheaper product. Again a cheaper door does not mean a lesser door but different brands are at different price points, just like other goods you buy. AluK doors are British designed and extruded, Schuco doors are designed and extruded in Germany.

Study an AluK door and you’ll see this is marginally thicker than a Schuco door and the profiles are more rounded in their appearance. We offer you this choice because some of our customers like a more traditional looking door, others prefer a more flat and modern looking door such as the Schuco.

Hardware differences between AluK and Schuco.

One of the most used parts of a bifolding door is the handles and intermediate pull handles. On the AluK and Schuco doors these are different again giving you more choice.

On an AluK door the intermediate handles are what’s called a pop out T handle. This is a push to operate handle that the Schuco door doesn’t have. You push the handle, it pops outwards and you turn it to unlock the middle leaves of your bifold.

The Schuco door operates a little diffAluk bifolding doorserently. On a Schuco door, you’ll find a level handle that unlocks the intermediate leaves, and a separate pull handle above it. Some customers like the single handed operation of an AluK door, others prefer the two handed operation of a Schuco. There is no better or worse, it’s down to your own personal preference. We encourage you to visit our showroom and try both doors out.

Again both doors offer a multi-point locking systems. AluK doors are tested to British standards and Schuco doors to the European. Both are as good as the other and both mean a secure door for you.

Schuco doors can be larger than others.

One of the features designed into a Schuco door is how big they can be made. Some customers desire very large doors in width and height. If you too are looking for a very tall bifold and one with large folding door panels, Schuco is the door for you.

A Schuco door can be made at up to 1200mm wide per panel and up to 3 metres in height. AluK doors can’t be made that large but these are just design and engineering differences between the two.

AluK and Schuco brands.

AluK are one of the UK’s biggest aluminium systems companies and Schuco are one of the worlds largest. AluK doors have been established in the UK for many years and are widely specified in the construction, design and architectural sector.

Schuco on the other hand has over 50 years experience providing their products all over the world. As well as windows and doors for the home, Schuco also design and engineer some very sophisticated windows and doors. They also offer fire rated, bomb blast, bullet resistant and all kinds of other specialist windows that are fitted in Government buildings, prisons, institutions or any building that requires a specific kind of window.

The know how that Schuco possess is borne out of many years experience installing specialist windows all over the world. This know-how is to be found in their folding doors too.

This does not make AluK a worse door, but Schuco have the advantage of longevity and a global reputation.

AluK and Schuco bifolds for Buckinghamshire, London and the Home Counties.

At The London Glazing Group we only offer quality products and we believe in offering you choice. We know every customer requirement, budget and home are different. We are confident you’ll be delighted with either an AluK or a Schuco door and are here to give you our help and advice.

Why not visit our showroom and see both doors for yourselves and try them out? AluK and Schuco doors are both designed to last, to look good and to enhance your home. Contact us today or call us on 01753 371354.