Understanding Bifolding Door Thresholds

One of many things that makes bifolding doors so popular is how they can open up an entire wall of glass to create a link between the inside and the outside. In order for this link to be even more effective, the threshold detail on a folding door is important.

Many of our bifolding door customers want a flush floor level inside and out. They want the bottom of their doors to be set down as low as possible. On the one side the internal floors meet the frame and on the outside the paving slabs or decking can do the same.

If you are also looking to benefit from a low threshold on your new bifolding doors, what should you consider?

Bifolding door thresholds for old and new openings.

If you are building a new extension to take folding doors, your builder should be able to construct the opening so that it is quite easy to accommodate a low threshold.

Where bifolding doors are replacing old French or sliding doors, it may be necessary to carry out some alterations to the existing structure. Often this involves the removal of some brickwork at low level. This usually enables the new doors to sit lower than the old door did, helping you achieve a flatter, lower threshold.

It is also possible to fit bifolding doors internally to act as a room divider. It is natural in this type of installation to want as low a threshold as possible as the doors are on the inside.

Threshold options on AluK and Schuco doors.

At The London Glazing Group, we manufacture both AluK and Schuco doors. These doors come with a choice of thresholds. There is an option of a standard or a low threshold depending upon where your new folding doors are being installed and whether it is a new or existing opening.

Schuco doors with low thresholdSchuco thresholds are lower than AluK but both doors can be measured and made to give you a great flush floor level that will work well in the home.

The Schuco threshold also has the benefit of a weather rating where many other bifolding doors don’t have one. This may be a deciding factor for you and we can advise you better in our showroom where you can see the doors in action.

Your choice of ideal threshold will also depend upon how exposed your doors are. Most installations in the typical home are quite sheltered. High level bifolding doors or those in the country without much shelter from other properties and city centres may require a more robust threshold. We can advise you further on this depending upon your own home or building project.

The good news is that we offer you a solution whatever your requirements and will certainly have the right door and the right threshold to suit. Contact us for further information and to see some examples of bifolding door thresholds.