Advantages of Sliding Patio Doors

Contemporary Schuco sliding doors.

At The London Glazing Group, we manufacture contemporary sliding doors from two of the best-known brands in the UK, AluK and Schuco.

Even though bifolding doors are a hugely popular product and one of our own best sellers, did you know there are still great reasons to also consider a sliding door?

If you are presently looking at new doors for your home and are not sure what is best for you, we offer you some tips and advice.

Advantages of sliding patio door in the home.

Even though bifolding doors are the ‘must have’ door for many people, it is worth bearing in mind that modern sliding doors have also advanced significantly in recent years. They are nothing like the old sliding doors you may be thinking of.

Sliding doors save space.

Sliding doors operate on their own tracks meaning they will not take up space inside or outside the home like hinged doors or folding doors. Therefore if you are limited on space, a sliding door may offer a better solution. Sliding doors are perfect for small flats and apartments, terraced houses with small gardens or even as room dividers.

Even the largest sliding doors offer the same benefits as they’ll take up less space than a stacked set of folding doors. The choice is yours.

Sliding doors can be wider and taller than other doors.

One of the biggest advantages of sliding doors is that they can be made much larger than any other type of door. They are not restricted by the hinges, by widths or heights. Doors are possible at up to 3 metres wide and 3 metres high per panel. If you are dreaming of a highly modern home with the biggest expanses of glass, we recommend a sliding door.

When closed, sliding doors still give you that panoramic view where others are restricted by vertical mullions.

Sliding doors come in in many types and styles.

A recent development in sliding doors is to do with the track. Where older sliding doors typically slid on one track only, you can now choose up to three.

The advantage of a double or triple track is that the sliding panels can slide in more than one direction. Another advantage of multi-tracks is that doors can stack on the one side only if desired. This provides a much bigger clear opening than traditional doors where panels slide to both sides.

Older doors typically meant one had to slidSchuco contemporary doors behind a fixed pane, effectively making one pane of glass ‘redundant’. The multi-track arrangement of sliding doors mean that you can choose which doors slide where and have much more flexibility.

Choose a slide or a lift and slide door.

Another innovation in sliding doors is the Lift and Slide or Tilt and Slide.

Today’s sliding doors are highly engineered products designed to work brilliantly for many years. Even the largest size of doors can be made to lift and slide. Lift and slide doors have a feature whereby they can tilt backwards for ventilation without having to partially open the door.

The handle is rotated, the door panel is moved away from its frame and tilts backwards. A different rotation of the handle again moves the door back enabling it to slide along the frame.

Lift and slide doors also allow the door to seal very effectively against its frame. The lift and slide nature of a door also provides additional locking points too.

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