Integral blinds for bifolding doors

Integral blinds for bifolding doors provide one of the best ways to create privacy, shade and a very modern appearance. This particular installation features the premium Shuco bifold doors with Screenline integral glass blinds.

integral blinds for bifolding doors

Contemporary integral blinds for bifolding doors.

Integral glass blinds offer substantial benefits over conventional curtains, roller blinds or after-market Venetian blinds.  Integral blinds fit between the glass in your doors.  These blinds offer a minimalist appearance with substantial privacy and shade when you want it. Another great feature of integral blinds for bifolding doors is not obscuring the investment you make by having bifolds in your home.  As a result, you enjoy the slimline contemporary and elegant lines of your new doors. And what better way to enjoy your bifolds when these doors are the ultra-premium German engineered doors by Schuco?

Schuco bifolding doors with integral blinds.

Schuco bifolding doors are one of the best bifolding doors you can buy.  Substantially engineered and with a host of innovations, we think there is no better bifolding door. Not only are Schuco bifolds one of the best, they come as one of the thinnest.  With door mullion sightlines of just 121mm, there are few bifolding doors on the market as thin as Schuco doors.

As well as slim sight lines, Schuco bifolding doors come with premium hardware, exceptional security, severe weather resistance and a premium polyester powder coated finish.

Features of integral glass blinds.

When you choose integral blinds for bifolding you enhance your Schuco or any other bifold in several ways.

  • The permanent sealing of blinds in the glass means they never gather dust.
  • Integral blinds do not blow in the wind or risk damage by children or pets.
  • The in-built design of integral blinds frees up space behind your doors.
  • You get all the lift, lower and tilting of other blinds.
  • Integral blinds even enhance the already excellent thermal performance of your glass units.

With integral blinds for bifolding doors, you also get different ways of operating them. As standard, they come with manual operation with two discreet magnets. One magnet operates the lift and raise facility, the other tilts the slats.

You can also choose automatic or electric integral blinds. Operate these via a wall switch or a remote control.  You can even have solar modules at the top of the blinds allowing them to close automatically at certain times of the day.  Even better, integral blinds integrate with the latest home automation systems.

There is a choice of over twenty colours, allowing you to have matching colour blinds to your bifolds.  Or why not choose a contrasting colour to accentuate the blinds and your new bifold doors?

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Our integral blinds for bifolding doors are the Screenline Pellini Blind, one of the best in the world. They come with a long guarantee and transform any aluminium bifolding door. Integral blinds also work with sliding doors, French doors and aluminium or PVCu windows. 

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