Open Corner Bifolding doors in East London

A beautiful new extension featuring open corner bifolding doors as well as a shaped window to an East London property.

Open Corner Bifolding doors

Grey Open Corner Bifolding Doors with feature window.

At this London property, a new extension at the back of the house features an angular design with feature timber cladding, decking and a full solid tiled roof.

Once again London Glazing Group works with the homeowner and their builder, completing the installation of the external glazing.  We offer Aluk bifolding doors on fast lead times, helping the project complete faster.  Other benefits of having Aluk bifolding doors is the affordable price with very high quality.

This eye-catching installation features the latest open corner bifolding doors.  To create the open corner arrangement, the building roof requires structural integrity, often with a cantilevered steel or another suitable arrangement.  Open corner bifolding doors are one of the best ways to add a real wow factor to your home. However, they come into their own in the summer.

The corner post on this particular door design fixes on the one side of the doors. As you open the one side, the corner post moves with the door panel, therefore revealing a fully open corner.

This particular installation has our quality Aluk bifolding doors, one of the best selling bifolds in the UK today.  Aluk doors come with thermally insulated frames, excellent security, great weather resistance and a durable powder coated finish.

These dark grey doors come powder coated in RAL 7016 matt finish.

As you look at the doors form the outside, you can see the doors open out and with a convenient traffic door. The main elevation has a three panel set of doors with a single panel on the return elevation.

To the side of the extension is a raked head aluminium window, also in a matching colour. Throughout the installation is the latest high insulation glass units.  All our doors and ground level windows come as standard with toughened glass with argon gas between the panes. The glass unit edges have warm edge spacer bars, also adding to the great energy efficiency. Finally, the glass comes with a soft-coat low-emissivity coating,

Additionally, the bifolding doors feature a matching cill beneath the door track as well as the window.

The bifolding door hardware is in a contrasting black finish to the master door handle and all the internal door handles and door hinges.

Aluk open corner bifolding doors from London Glazing Group.

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